FreeDOM’s competitors use two different technologies. FreeDOM TechnologyTheir products are either Web based or client server based. Generally, you will see Web based products advertised as ASP or SAAS models and they will state that you can use their software from anywhere. Unfortunately, these browser based products are clumsy and inefficient; suitable for making an airplane reservation but not for serving the needs of a busy medical office. Client server is a proven technology that has the advantage of being faster and safer. Unfortunately, client server software demands that you maintain a database server in your office. This is complicated and expensive. It commits your staff to daily backups (often never done), off site backup, proper climate control, and secure access. So what is the right answer? The right answer is to use a product that uses the best of both technologies!

Like a client server system, FreeDOM uses a “smart” client so that the user has a rich and fast data entry environment. Your data is saved to your personal database on servers hosted by Health Data Services, connected via the Internet using secure sockets.

We guard your database with multiple firewalls, authentication, network monitoring and intrusion detection. Your data is backed up and safe from disasters such as fire, flood, or theft. Like a browser based ASP product, you can install the FreeDOM client and use FreeDOM from home or the hospital and all updates are seamless and automatic.

FreeDOM Security, Data Hosting, and Backup

FreeDOM is hosted at a modern data center where your valuable data is stored in a safe, secure, and private environment.

The benefits include:

  • Isolated client databases; no one else has access to your data
  • Data is highly encrypted and in full compliance with HIPAA security standards
  • Your data is protected from fire, flood, theft, and power loss
  • FreeDOM eliminates time-consuming data backups, office servers and their required maintenance
  • Your database backup is performed daily