Optional Services | Pricing

You must meet a monthly minimum of $100 per month (for one provider), which includes your choice of optional services (listed below) up to a $100 value.** Simply pay the listed rates for quantities greater than the $100 minimum.

For practices with more than one provider, the minimum fee increases $50/month per additional part-time provider (defined by 25 hours or less per week) or $100/month per additional full-time provider.  See options information and monthly minimum examples below.

Claims Generation and Formatting

EmdeonLogoFreeDOM is designed to send all electronic claims exclusively through the HDS Clearinghouse. The HDS Clearinghouse will automatically forward claims electronically to major, government, and commercial payers. For those claims not sent to the clearinghouse, you will be able to easily print paper claims in your office or you can use the HDS Print and Mail Services.

Learn more about our Claims Clearinghouse.


There are MANY advantages to using ePrescriptions, including:

  • Eliminate phone calls and faxes to pharmacies
  • Eliminate illegibility from hand-written prescriptions
  • Warning and Alert systems are provided at the point of prescribing
  • Streamlines the refill’s requests and authorization processes

“…ePrescriptions allows me to spend so much LESS time on the phone! It minimizes disruptions, and I also love that it automatically logs the prescription information in the patient record, which eliminates another step. ePrescriptions saves a lot of time.”

— Janie Stratos
Office Manager
Dr. Joseph May


See the ePrescriptions demo.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Every day, claims are denied or delayed due to incorrect policy information provided by patients during visits or outdated information in your system. Get eligibility verification in real time upon patient registration. Confirming the insurance coverage verifies patient benefits as well as deductible and plan limitations, saving you time and ensuring a clean claim.


Learn more about eligibility and see the demo.

Automatic Remittance Posting

With Auto-Posting, 835 Remittances can be posted in a fraction of the time it takes staff to post manually. Receive remittances from Medicare and most commercial payers and have the payment, writeoff, and deductible information automatically posted to patients’ accounts. FreeDOM generates an error report that lists any items that cannot be posted electronically.


See the Auto-Posting demo.

CodeCorrect by MedAssets

Reduce claim rejection with MedAssets CodeCorrect intelligent coding. Every charge is reviewed against a comprehensive code edit; the same technology payers use to deny your claims, enabling your billing staff to correct encounters before saving and generating a claim.


See the CodeCorrect demo.


Patient Statement Print and Mail Services

Icon-StatementsWhile you can print individual claims and walkout statements, all monthly statements generated by FreeDOM are designed to go through
HDS Print & Mail Services.

Support Plans

OptionsSupportWe understand that getting started with a new medical office system can be a daunting task, even with great help tools. When you sign on with FreeDOM, you get unlimited phone support for your first 60 days ABSOLUTELY FREE. You may call and speak with a member of our outstanding support team regarding any questions you may have.

After your initial 60 days, you then have the option to continue phone support with one of these phone support plans (Bronze, Silver, and Gold are on a per year basis).

Per Incident $50
Bronze Support – includes 10 support calls $300
Silver Support – includes 25 support calls $500
Gold Support – includes unlimited calls $1,500
*ePrescriptions:  The ePrescribing service charge is not applicable to the $100 a month rate.  There is a fee to sign up for and initialize the service.  Contact us for full details.
**Monthly Minimum Examples  1. Submit 200 claims (=$120): MINIMUM MET.  Submit 100 claims (=$60) and print and mail 41 statements (=$40.59): $100 MINIMUM MET.  Use any single service or combination of services to meet the $100 monthly minimum.