Practice Management

FreeDOM has fantastic Practice Management (PM) tools to help you with every aspect of running your office smoothly and efficiently. We KNOW Practice Management; we’ve been helping providers and staff manage medical offices for 25 years. The following are some premium features of FreeDOM’s PM. Click the left/right arrows (demoarrows) below the photo for a visual tour and see descriptions below.

patient editorschedulingvisits encountersjournal accountingaccount notesFreeDOM reports
Patient Editor (demographics, details, insurance, and account)
FreeDOM Scheduling
Encounter Editor (records patient visits)
Journal (Accounting)
Account Notes
FreeDOM Reports

Patients Editor

The Patients Editor efficiently combines all demographic and patient detail information, the patient’s insurance information, and account information in one location. You can invoke an insurance eligibility check or see the patient’s account summary sorted by private, insurance, and total amounts with the click of a single button.


FreeDOM’s robust Scheduler helps you accomplish all scheduling tasks easily. It’s highly customizable; from letting you select the providers schedules, the time interval you prefer (day, week, work week, month), the appointment time intervals your office uses, creating your own appointment reasons, and custom coloring different appointment types. It also features an appointment finder to quickly find the earliest availabilities, task list, patient recall, and more.

Visits (Encounters)

The FreeDOM Visit record pulls together the patient exam, diagnoses, and services. The visit record is fully integrated with FreeDOM’s dashboard and templates, which allows you to collect the patient’s pre-exam and exam information, and then immediately record the diagnoses and CPT codes. Templates may be used in conjunction with the visit (e.g., Patient History, Family History, Exam) or define none at all and work strictly within the encounter/charge entry screen.

Account Notes

FreeDOM Account Notes features a powerful word-processor, featuring full formatting tools that allow you to create page headers and footers, tables, bulleted lists, text styles and much more. Account Notes also offers import/export capabilities.


FreeDOM features powerful billing tools that simplify the difficult job of medical accounting. It features a “Basic” mode and “Advanced” mode for viewing as little or as much detail as you want to see. Easily create payments, charges, retractions, write-offs, charge-offs, refunds and reversals.


FreeDOM has dozens of comprehensive reports, organized by Manangement, Accounting, and Scheduling categories. When creating your reports, you have tremendous flexibility to define your report parameters, allowing you to generate exactly the information you want to see — no more, no less. Reports can be cloned, printed, and exported!