The FreeDOM EHR was specifically designed for smaller offices and physicians that want to maintain a traditional work flow. FreeDOM’s EHR is easy to learn and easy to use, and is fully integrated with our practice management system. The following are some premium features of FreeDOM’s EHR. Click the left/right arrows (demoarrows) in the lower right (below the photo) to tour the slideshow, and see descriptions of features below.

eprescriptionsclainical chart notesehr dashboardmedications editorallergy editor
ePrescriptions interface from Dr. First
Clinical Chart Notes (features full formatting, file import, and easy macros creation).
EHR Dashboard (see the patient's entire medical history in one location).
Medications Editor (uses the RxNorm Database)
Allergy Editor (uses the LOINC database)



  • SAVE TIME! — eliminate telephone and faxing time with pharmacies
  • eliminate prescription handwriting errors
  • eliminate oral miscommunications
  • automate prescription renewals
  • receive warnings about conflicting drugs
  • easier review of drug prescription coverage

“…ePrescriptions allows me to spend so much LESS time on the phone! It minimizes disruptions, and I also love that it automatically logs the prescription information in the patient record, which eliminates another step. ePrescriptions saves a lot of time.”

— Janie Stratos
Office Manager
Dr. Joseph May

* – ePrescriptions is a paid add-on service

Clinical Chart Notes

DemosDragonLogoFreeDOM Chart Notes features a powerful word-processor editor, featuring full formatting tools that allow you to create page headers and footers, tables, bulleted lists, text styles and much more. Macros allow you to format and save note templates to re-use again and again, and Chart Notes is fully compatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition for verbal dictation.


The Dashboard allows easy viewing and access to all EHR modules and each module’s new and existing records. You may display all records, or only the ones that are common.


Specialty specific templates integrate all components of the EHR relevant to your practice and your specialty. FreeDOM has templates for the following specialties:

Other EHR Modules

  • Patient Vitals
  • Medications Form (includes RxNorm database)
  • Clinical Problems Form
  • Clinical Orders Form
  • Treatment Plan Form
  • Allergies Form (includes LOINC Allergy Class database)

Let us demonstrate FreeDOM’s power and ease of use. Please call and schedule a live web demo with a marketing representative. It will be our pleasure to show you our product and answer your questions.