Behavioral Health

FreeDOM is a perfect solution for a Behavioral Health practice. FreeDOM has the reporting, scheduling, and billing capabilities you need that can be streamlined to fit your practice.

You’ll get:Behavioral Health Professionals

BioPsychoSocial and Mental Health Exam Templates (click through the slide show, use left/right demoarrowsarrow buttons in lower right)

BioPsychoSocial Patient Historybps editorbps page 2Mental Health Exam - Page 1Mental Health Exam - Page 2
BioPsychoSocial Patient History - Relationships: Family Relationships, Intimate/Marital Relationships, Other Significant Relationships
BioPsychoSocial Patient History - Page 1: Health Events, Substance Use (editor illustrated), Legal Events
BioPsychoSocial Patient History - Page 2
Mental Health Exam - Page 1
Mental Health Exam - Page 2

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