Save Time and Money — Guaranteed!

Now Offering Bank Card Services

bankcard_womanSave Money – By using HDS Bank Card Services, we guarantee your bank card fee in total will be less expensive than your current fee. Your out-of-pocket costs will be less than you’re paying now. Health Data Services will price match your fee if it’s lower than ours. We guarantee it.

Save Time – HDS Bank Card Services not only saves you money, but it adds efficiency to your workday. Not just a little — a lot. See the easy 1-2-3 step process below that minimizes your work in the Journal. You’ll be able to enter payments much more quickly with fewer mistakes. Simply swipe, click, done!

Better Security – All credit card data is encrypted through military-strength algorithms and sits safely behind multiple firewalls.

No Phone Line – Does your current bank card reader require a phone connection?  HDS Bank Card services uses the internet connection you already have, allowing you to save money on an extra phone line.


1.Select a patient balance in the Journal, right-click and select “Bank Card Payment”bank01
2. Swipe the card. The guarantor’s information is automatically entered. Enter the security code and ZIP code. Adjust the payment amount if necessary and click Authorize.bank02
3. The payment is approved and posted right into the journal — that’s it!bank03

Contact HDS at (434) 817-9000 and we will help you through the simple enrollment process.