Why FreeDOM Is A Great Solution For Small Practices

FreeDOM was specifically designed to be the complete solution for smaller medical offices. It is both an EHR and a practice management system, so your staff needs to learn just one product. It is easy to learn and easy to use. FreeDOM has no purchase price, no licensing fees, no maintenance fees, and no software update fees.

If you decide later that you want a more full-featured experience, you can upgrade to MedLedger. Upgrading to MedLedger is a seamless transition from FreeDOM. It looks and works exactly like FreeDOM, but has more sophisticated capabilities, including document scanning, more robust reporting features, and more.

Why FreeDOM Is A Great Solution For Home Health and Behavioral Health Practices

Patient care work flow of Home Health and Behavioral Health practices is very different when it comes to scheduling, billing and progress note documentation. FreeDOM has the reporting, scheduling, and billing capabilities you need. Learn more about our Home Health or Behavioral Health features.

What’s the Pricing?

Practices with one provider are required to spend a minimum of $100 per month from the menu of optional services. The services fee increases $50/month per additional part-time provider (defined by 25 hours or less per week) or $100/month per additional full-time provider. See our menu of optional services.