HIPAA / Privacy

FreeDOM is 100% HIPAA compliant. hipaaCertified by Edifecs, FreeDOM meets all of the privacy, security and transaction criteria required by HIPAA.


A patient’s medical history, current medical condition, test results, insurance coverage, billing status, and all other Protected Health Information (PHI) is safe and secure in FreeDOM. Access to PHI is restricted based on administrative rights and user roles, so that only authorized personnel may access the specific areas of patient information needed to schedule, examine, and bill a patient.


Additionally, FreeDOM is hosted at a modern data center where patient information is stored in a safe, secure, and private environment. Your data is stored in isolated databases, highly encrypted, and in full compliance with HIPAA security standards. Your valuable data is backed up daily.

Transaction Sets

FreeDOM’s electronic transactions were designed from the ground up with full HIPAA compliant data transactions. FreeDOM submits 837 claim transactions to all payers, receives 835 electronic remittance files (EOBs) from payers for efficient auto-posting, and sends and receives 270/271 insurance eligibility requests and incoming verification from all participating payers.