Claims Clearinghouse

FreeDOM was designed to process claims exclusively claims clearinghousethrough the Health Data Services Clearinghouse. Our services provide a seamless continuum to generate, format, and submit claims directly to Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, Blue Cross / Blue Shield and other major payers.

How does FreeDOM claims processing work?
Using FreeDOM, you may submit claims as often as you’d like. Your claims are sent to our proprietary claim processing engine, ClaimHub. ClaimHub then “scrubs” the claim data, i.e., compares your data to the information the specific payer requires. If the claim is missing information that the payer requires, you’ll know immediately so that you can correct it before the payer even sees the claim. This means faster reimbursement with all payers because your claims are filed accurately and processed more efficiently with fewer rejections. All claim types are Edifecs-certified to ensure they are HIPAA compliant.

Automatic Electronic Remittance (EOB) Posting

As FreeDOM clients, you can take advantage of electronic remittance auto-posting for electronic claims. Auto-posting saves your staff many hours spent posting payments when they could be managing and collecting Accounts Receivables. Auto-posting is one of the biggest time savers available to health care practices, and is available as an optional paid add-on service in FreeDOM.