How to survive the ICD-10 transition if you’re just starting

With less than 30 days until the ICD-10 deadline, physician practices better be ready to use ICD-10 codes. If not, get started. With that timetable in mind, I cribbed and put into a post the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) ABCs of ICD-10 preparation. There are three parts […] Read more »

ICD-10: 5 Ways to Prepare for the Home Stretch

Blog | September 19, 2015 | ICD-10, Operations, Staff By Pam Klugman After much talk and maddening delays, less than 21 days remain before ICD-10 takes effect. Over the past year, medical groups and individual physicians have been working — some methodically, some scrambling — to get ready. Staff has been […] Read more »